How It Works

We will tailor our counselling sessions to support you

01. Initial Consultation

Contact us to book your 15 minute FREE telephone or online consultation. We can take this time to find out what is bringing you to counselling and to see how we can help you.

02. Bespoke Counselling & Support Plan

In the first session we can talk further about what has brought you to counselling and how it is impacting on you. We can look at what you would like to achieve, how to manage your current situation and plan how we can work together over the coming sessions.

03. The Sessions

Each session is 50 minutes, we can work through your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We can help with providing coping techniques to that you can create your very own coping toolbox. We will review the progress of counselling to ensure that you are getting all you need from the sessions.

04. Feedback & Success

We would welcome your feedback on the counselling process and you have found counselling and how it has helped you.

Private and confidential counselling

We believe you know yourself and your circumstances the best. we can work with you in two ways, either in structured sessions or more free flowing sessions. Just as you are unique, our sessions can be as individual as you are.

The counselling we provide is confidential and takes place in a safe, and non-judgemental environment, where you are able to talk freely and openly about how you are feeling. It is your journey and together we can explore what life is like for you and where you would like to be in the future.