About Us

Even Keel Counselling

Founded by Keli Evans

I had been interested in counselling for a while and this interest deepened when a friend shared she was undertaking her training. As I was working full time, I never considered going back in to education.

However, after I was made redundant in 2008, I was given an opportunity to do some night classes. One of the classes was an Introduction to Counselling. I decided to enrol. I went in to it see what it was like, and if it was something I wanted to take further. After completing the three-month course, I was hooked. I continued with my learning journey, and fully qualified in 2013.

It was my dream to have my own private practice from the moment I qualified. When thinking of what to call my new venture, I called on friends and we had a brainstorming session, and Even Keel Counselling was my favourite. This was launched in 2014.

In the early days of Even Keel, I continued to work full time, and volunteered for the NHS, and a rape and sexual abuse charity. Then in 2018 I decided the time was right to train as a Clinical Supervisor, and qualified in 2019.

Even Keel Counselling was officially launched in May 2020. After a couple of years of growing my private practice at a pace that felt right for me, I eventually took the leap.

Recently, the Even Keel Counselling team has grown. Hayley has joined an Associate Counsellor, and together we are taking the next step on this exciting adventure.